Virtual Receptionist

Albuquerque NM Virtual Receptionist

Office Alternatives features professional virtual offices in Albuquerque, NM. Businesses from throughout Bernalillo County rely on use for office rentals and virtual receptionist services. Host meetings at your OA executive office and one of our outsourced assistant pros will greet your clients, colleagues, or job candidates. Each virtual receptionist on our team is highly trained, professional, and dedicated to providing top-notch service.

With an Albuquerque, NM, virtual assistant, you can focus on your meeting or conducting business while an experienced pro takes your phone calls and helps you manage your day. An outsourced assistant can ensure that you get the help you need while you’re working at one of our virtual offices. No need to hire a permanent employee. We already staff the help you need.

What can a professional OA receptionist do for you?

  • Answer / screen your phone calls
  • Route and handle your calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Greet your clients / colleagues
  • Manage paperwork
  • Provide routine office assistance (i.e. copying, scanning, faxing)
  • Provide light admin help  (data entry, confirmation calls)
  • Assist during meetings / training sessions and more

Create a professional image when you have help from a virtual assistant. Many Bernalillo County businesses are downsizing. Sometimes, though, they may need to conduct business transactions in a professional office space with the help of an outsourced assistant. We provide both in order to meet the business needs of our clientele.

Office Alternatives also offers a range of other business services. We feature a business wifi lounge, conference and meeting rooms, and access to office equipment like fax and copiers. Rely on us for virtual mail services too. If you need a professional virtual receptionist, contact us Office Alternatives. Our services are available at both of our Albuquerque, NM, locations.

Need an outsourced assistant, Staff, or space AFTER hours for an evening meeting or early morning training session? Just call us in advance and tell us about the accommodations you’re looking for. We’ll do our utmost to serve your needs. Schedule a Bernalillo County outsourced assistant today.

Virtual Telephone Reception Service

What’s the difference between an answering service and a virtual telephone receptionist?
Answering services are often impersonal and state “I’m just an answering service.” They are not perceived as a member of your business. At Office Alternatives, our receptionists present themselves as an extended member of your team.
What can my receptionist do?
Office Alternatives’ receptionists answer your company’s calls with the desire to delight and wow your clients. They can answer the calls within 4 rings, connect calls to you and your staff as directed (Cell, Voicemail, Another number), take messages, screen your calls, return calls on your behalf, answer some common questions your company gets, and take messages to email or text you.
What number do you use? How does it work?
You can forward your company phone number to Office Alternatives (usually*87), port your number to us, or we can give you a phone number, including a matching 800# for a low price.
How long does it take to get setup?
Once setup, we start answering calls within hours for your business and handling the calls as directed.
Is there a contract?
No, our services are month to month
How do you answer the calls if you’re virtual?
Typically, the call is answered by a virtual receptionist with a greeting you choose or a standard greeting. The receptionist asks for the caller’s name and reason or calling.

The receptionist contacts you or your team members as directed. You will know it’s one one of your OA answered calls by seeing our name as the caller ID. You can then screen the call and ask the receptionist to redirect it to another team member, your voicemail, take a message etc. If accepting the call, the call is transferred immediately.

If you decline the call, the receptionist handles as you direct.

How do you know if I am available to take calls?
You can update your status daily even hourly by calling us or emailing us any time during the work day or keep a standing set of instructions on file with us
Does Voicemail come with this service?
Yes, we can assign you your own VM box and even email you the file to play.
What if I have two businesses? Can they share the service?
Yes as long as your greeting can remain simple enough to state and your calls easy to handle
Do you handle NON-New Mexico businesses?
Yes we can handle any reception service for any US Business, 8-5pm
How we works

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

Lightwork Digital Influence

When a potential web development client suggests we meet at a coffee shop, it really gets their attention when I suggest we meet at my office... and ask if they prefer east or west of the Rio Grande.

Corazon Events

One of the great things about Office Alternatives is that the entire staff is very amicable – you can always count on the staff to greet you and your visiting clients with a smile.

Leah Zehnder
Leah’s Wax and Lash

“I moved into Office Alternatives in April and have been so pleased with my decision. The attention to detail that the office manager Christine and receptionists Toni and Faith give is amazing! I moved into an established well-oiled machine and plan on staying for a while.”

Osceola Energy

Office Alternatives provides excellent customer service and were very responsive to not only our needs, but our customers as well.


Office Alternatives allows for flexibility and lower overhead costs, which are important to our company’s success. The money we save helps us pass on savings to our clients.