My experience with OA Office Alternatives ( Albuquerque, NM ) was not very “positive”.
First I found many companies online and OA was one of those. I contacted and spooked with Joe Pellegrino (sales rep)
At the beginning we agreed in month/month with no setup fees. Right on the first payment I received something around $ 40 for setup fee. I had to get the phone and call them and explain that we agreed (on written) that will be no setup fees.
OK – after I wasted my time and my cell minutes they agreed with no setup fee ( I don’t think this was very honest, but…) I used the Virtual Office for 3 months. The only time I really need OA services was when I received a check and had to be forwarded to my address in another state. They “pledge” they did forwarded the mail, but I never received. When I called to discuss about this “ghost mail” they said that they send and it out through USPS – Priority mail ( the cheapest way money can buy) and charged me almost $ 10. They knew I had a check inside and didn’t even sent with delivery signature so I could
get a hold of my check securely – they preferred save some money on shipping – so they could “pocket more”.
I do not recommend this company to anyone – specially if you have something important to receive and have it forwarded to another address. They will try to “cheap you out” as much as they can.
I opted this company based on reviews on the internet – I guess those reviews didn’t reflect the truth. Maybe posted by themselves to promote the company.
Stay away from this company.