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My business has been located at Office Alternatives for several years. I assist folks with their Medicare Insurance needs, I am an insurance agent with Applied General Agency. Office Alternatives has been absolutely wonderful.

Their staff always answers the phone on my behalf when I am not here to take the call, which tremendously helps to capture missed sales calls and service calls. Their team is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with! 

Also, I help insurance agents that I train on a monthly basis, and the usage of the [hourly] conference rooms are a must have for my commitments.

And if my agents and I double up on appointments, we can spill over to an available [hourly day] office and conduct appointments simultaneously. 

The facility is clean and professional and definitely gives an impression of excellence!! I am super happy with Office Alternatives.  

    Regarding: Temporary Office Space

    I can't thank you and your team enough for helping Reel Security establish the New Mexico operation. The location at Riverside Plaza is convenient, and tastefully professional - yet warm and inviting.

    I can't say enough about helpful and accommodating the office manager, Christine, and admin assistant Toni have been every day our team has been there. Judging from the interactions with other tenants, I'd have to say that Christine and Toni perform at that level on a continual basis because satisfaction appears to be commonplace every day.

    The total picture of the "temporary" space has exceeded my expectations to the point that our company will be extending our planned stay at Office Alternatives. Reel Security will most likely continue to utilize the facility even after opening our permanent office.

    I can't thank you enough for the professionalism your team displays. 

Gerald W. Bush
Western Regional Manager
Reel Security Corporation

Office Alternatives allows for flexibility and lower overhead costs, which are important to our company’s success. The money we save helps us pass on savings to our clients.


Office Alternatives provides excellent customer service and were very responsive to not only our needs, but our customers as well.

Osceola Energy

As a clinical counselor (and business woman), success lives or dies with wise business decisions. One key aspect to exceptional service to the individuals, marriages and families in my counseling practice is the business environment that I create. 

Partnering with Office Alternatives has allowed me to work with compassionate and professional staff that greet my clients with understanding and skill. In addition, when I discover a need to shift my business strategy…..

….Office Alternatives provides quick access to collaboration and communication to make necessary adjustments. This flexibility is not always welcome in professional office services and this is why Office Alternatives is my preferred location.

 I lead a fluid business model, meeting the ever-changing demands of my field. Office Alternatives makes it possible for me to have a cutting-edge practice that continues to evolve. I am grateful for their commitment to my success.

“I moved into Office Alternatives in April and have been so pleased with my decision. The attention to detail that the office manager Christine and receptionists Toni and Faith give is amazing! I moved into an established well-oiled machine and plan on staying for a while.”  

Leah Zehnder
Leah’s Wax and Lash
6300 Riverside Plaza Ste 100

Office Alternatives at Lang, the Plaza Paseo Buildings offers my CPA Firm the professional atmosphere I require.  The location can't be beat; Clients from the west side as well as all of Albuquerque have an easy time getting here.  There are several reasons I've been here for 10 years: clients are greeted warmly upon arrival, great conference rooms to use along with a beautiful building just to name a few.”

Montgomery Dillavou, CPA

    One of the great things about Office Alternatives is that the entire staff is very amicable – you can always count on the staff to greet you and your visiting clients with a smile.

Corazon Events

When a potential web development client suggests we meet at a coffee shop, it really gets their attention when I suggest we meet at my office... and ask if they prefer east or west of the Rio Grande.

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