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Richard Esterly

I was able to downsize from leasing an office for over 25 years with a 5-year minimum lease each renewal and all of the overhead associated with it to 3 offices at Office Alternatives all-inclusive. This move helped me as I get closer to retirement age, be able to reduce overhead by thousands of dollars annually. The ability to expand or downsize further, frees up my business model and allows for growth when I need it or to streamline further. The professional onsite staff are always there to help me, my staff and my incoming clients. They act as an extension of my team and are always willing to serve with a smile. I like the fact that the office is in a professional business and the location cannot be beat. I also like that the company is locally owned and not a big chain or corporation.

Richard Esterly
Advanced Brokerage Services

Capitas Financial Partner

Prior to Office Alternatives answering our phones, our clients called in and got a robotic phone tree system telling them to Press 1 for Richard, 2 for Sharon so and so forth. Looking back, I can see that was probably frustrating for those calling in to not get a live person, and who knows how many sales we lost because the caller got voicemail.  Office Alternatives seamlessly took over our phone answering and within hours we had a professional team of highly trained, friendly receptionists answer our phones live and route our calls as the robotic phone tree system would have. Actually, even better because now we can tell the receptionist how to handle the call if we don’t want to take it right on the spot. We’ve even been able to stop calls from coming in and purposely send them to voicemail if we needed to be able to have a set of focused work hours with no interruptions to meet deadlines. There are many other benefits as well to be named. Overall, we love our phone reception at OA and feel it’s an amazing value for such a small price.

Capitas Financial Partner
Office Space onsite client

Sharon Carr

I would say that client’s prefer getting a greeting from a live person on the other end and having their calls routed instead of hearing a recording with “press this number to reach this person, press this number to reach this person, etc.is the biggest improvement by joining Office Alternatives. When I’ve called into the office or would be near the front desk when calls come in, everyone seems to do a great job of answering the phones in a friendly, professional way.
Sharon Carr
Advanced Brokerage Services

Monte Perez

My business has been located at Office Alternatives for several years. I assist folks with their Medicare Insurance needs, I am an insurance agent with Applied General Agency. Office Alternatives has been absolutely wonderful.

Their staff always answers the phone on my behalf when I am not here to take the call, which tremendously helps to capture missed sales calls and service calls. Their team is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with!

Also, I help insurance agents that I train on a monthly basis, and the usage of the [hourly] conference rooms are a must have for my commitments.

And if my agents and I double up on appointments, we can spill over to an available [hourly day] office and conduct appointments simultaneously.

The facility is clean and professional and definitely gives an impression of excellence!! I am super happy with Office Alternatives.

Monte Perez
Managing General Agent

Gerald W. Bus

Regarding: Temporary Office Space

I can’t thank you and your team enough for helping Reel Security establish the New Mexico operation. The location at Riverside Plaza is convenient, and tastefully professional – yet warm and inviting.

I can’t say enough about helpful and accommodating the office manager, Christine, and admin assistant Toni have been every day our team has been there. Judging from the interactions with other tenants, I’d have to say that Christine and Toni perform at that level on a continual basis because satisfaction appears to be commonplace every day.

The total picture of the “temporary” space has exceeded my expectations to the point that our company will be extending our planned stay at Office Alternatives. Reel Security will most likely continue to utilize the facility even after opening our permanent office.

I can’t thank you enough for the professionalism your team displays.

Gerald W. Bus
Western Regional Manager
Reel Security Corporation


Office Alternatives allows for flexibility and lower overhead costs, which are important to our company’s success. The money we save helps us pass on savings to our clients.

Osceola Energy

Office Alternatives provides excellent customer service and were very responsive to not only our needs, but our customers as well.

Leah Zehnder

“I moved into Office Alternatives in April and have been so pleased with my decision. The attention to detail that the office manager Christine and receptionists Toni and Faith give is amazing! I moved into an established well-oiled machine and plan on staying for a while.”

Leah Zehnder
Leah’s Wax and Lash
6300 Riverside Plaza Ste 100 Aesthetician

Corazon Events

One of the great things about Office Alternatives is that the entire staff is very amicable – you can always count on the staff to greet you and your visiting clients with a smile.

Lightwork Digital Influence

When a potential web development client suggests we meet at a coffee shop, it really gets their attention when I suggest we meet at my office… and ask if they prefer east or west of the Rio Grande.

Deena Buchanan

I called a colleague recently who had a really cheerful receptionist answer the phone. As we spoke, he told me he uses Office Alternatives to answer his phones. I have used national services in the past and they were both very expensive and in some cases got terrible reviews from my callers. I was impressed with the service as a caller and am looking forward to using it for my law firm.

Nicole Fitzgerald

An Absolutely stunning building! The office spaces are big and the rent is reasonable. The reception is super friendly and the space is clean. Looking for a good place to make a good impression for your company start here!!!

Monte Perez

The reception team is absolutely amazing!! They are on top of all the incoming calls for their clients, answering every single call. Office Alternatives presents a very professional atmosphere. I am super happy with the offices and services they provide!

Billy Lucero

Very help full and knowledgeable about renting out office space. Really nice area and good staff to work with. I would recommend Office Alternatives for any type of businesses needs. I talked with Bobby Lucero, throughout this process and he guided me through everything I needed to rent out some space. The best in town by far for what I was looking for.

Kelly Vargas

I was at a very frustrating point of my career when I was trying to relocate and expand my business when I found Office Alternatives at Riverside. The minute I walked in the building and met the people there I knew I found my business home! Within the first week my clients raved about how much better of a fit my new office is for me. I am so happy I made this decision. And more importantly I know it will help my business grow. I can see myself here for a very long time!

Selena Sanchez

Everyone was very kind, well organized and professional. They stayed in contact and were very helpful with me renting out a space. Would highly recommend them.


Professional Atmosphere and a friendly staff Michelle is wonderful and the location is great and prices! I will be referring anyone who needs to meet clients or needs a professional work space!


Office Alternatives is an excellent way to enhance your business and business needs, if you’re looking for a professional location to meet your clients or even a quiet workspace away from the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop then this is the perfect place for you!

Delfina Brown

Highly recommend this place to conduct business! A professional atmosphere and all clients are greeted with a smile by the lovely staff!

Xaundra Winchester

The receptions is very kind and friendly, they go out of their way to make you and your clients feel welcomed!

Megan Lucero

Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful while providing personalized assistance for each customers needs.

James Padilla

Professional phone service, affordable pricing, and always a pleasure to see smiling faces!

Dennis Helmick

Professional staff, very nice facility and great location.

Brooke White

Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, professional environment!

Amber Ramirez

Staff and facilities are top notch!

Tanya Griego

Great place to rent office space from. They have a wonderful staff and go out of their way to meet your business needs.

Ashley Luna

Affordable and professional!

mistake mcgee

Really good service

Sean Riordan

Excellent hosts for a remote class

tony Martinez

I like having an office here because its nice, always clean, the staff members that greet my customers are consistently professional, courteous and inviting to me and my clients. I also appreciate that there are always plenty of parking spaces outside.

Todd Searle

Very easy to work with and the facility is beautiful.

Laurence Saban

Office Alternatives is a wonderful place to office and the people and the general atmosphere are marvelous!


My experience with OA Office Alternatives ( Albuquerque, NM ) was not very “positive”.
First I found many companies online and OA was one of those. I contacted and spooked with Joe Pellegrino (sales rep)
At the beginning we agreed in month/month with no setup fees. Right on the first payment I received something around $ 40 for setup fee. I had to get the phone and call them and explain that we agreed (on written) that will be no setup fees.
OK – after I wasted my time and my cell minutes they agreed with no setup fee ( I don’t think this was very honest, but…) I used the Virtual Office for 3 months. The only time I really need OA services was when I received a check and had to be forwarded to my address in another state. They “pledge” they did forwarded the mail, but I never received. When I called to discuss about this “ghost mail” they said that they send and it out through USPS – Priority mail ( the cheapest way money can buy) and charged me almost $ 10. They knew I had a check inside and didn’t even sent with delivery signature so I could
get a hold of my check securely – they preferred save some money on shipping – so they could “pocket more”.
I do not recommend this company to anyone – specially if you have something important to receive and have it forwarded to another address. They will try to “cheap you out” as much as they can.
I opted this company based on reviews on the internet – I guess those reviews didn’t reflect the truth. Maybe posted by themselves to promote the company.
Stay away from this company.

Philan David

D.C Environmental was very knowledgeable and helpfull!

Paul Thompson

Better than an office


Professional office space

Corinna Lopez

Awful customer service. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude and actually hung up on me! Would never recommend a place who treat people so terribly.

Joey Martinez

stupid girl

Dominick Casados

Christopher Maldonado

Farooq Saeed

Angelique Navarrete

Karen Fisher

star grazer

Kayte McCrea

Chance Birdsall

Tom Steen

Rick Maestas

Tyana Wheeler

Amazing Experience! Really willing to work with small businesses. Everyone who worked for Office Alternatives was always friendly and professional. (I spoke to people and visited both locations). Locations were both always clean and even decorated for the holidays. I liked that special touch for clients. Special Shout out to Christine and Faith at Riverside Plaza

Mark Turner

If you are looking for a professional atmosphere managed by caring and helpful professionals, this is your place. Christine (Office Manager) has bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and help us get adjusted. Quiet, easy access, great location. The snacks that show up in the kitchen are a plus as well!


I have been using office space at both current locations (Riverside and Lang) for the last 7 months. The staff is super accommodating and helpful. The facilities are clean and nicely decorated. Plenty of parking at both convenient locations. This is a great place to start a business or schedule meetings if you run a home-based business.

the best at fornite the best

Really hoping to become part of the friendly atmosphere. This marketing agency knows the business well. I highly recommend them.

Eric Rodriguez

My experience with Office Alternatives at Riverside Plaza has been superb. They make sure they go out of there way to make sure everything is being accommodated for you and your business. The staff is very friendly and always great to be around.

Ellie Aucoin

I just joined Office Alternatives, and set up my office there. The process was a very smooth and easy. The people you deal with their make you feel like family. I highly recommend this option if you need a smaller office.

Kate, Tyler Brooke

Christine and her staff are a joy to work with! Faith is the perfect office receptionist, and together, this group is on their A GAME! I would highly recommend Office Alternatives Riverside for your next office space.

richard delmolino

Very professional and courteous staff! Christine and Faith put a smile on my face every time I go into the office!

Faith Tabet

Office Alternatives is a great way to support any business! The staff is very friendly and the reception area is warm and welcoming to any client!

monica davis

The staff and owners here really take care of you and emphasize a friendly atmosphere.

G. S. V.

I love my space here. CLEAN, professional, and great to work with.

Hextor Lozoya

Great customer service. Felt welcomed.?

Mary Maez

Your front desk Concierge Faith is beyond Amazing,

Laurence Saban

The team at Office Alternatives is top notch!!! They are so friendly and responsive always!!!!

420 Friendly Promotions

Nice Friendly welcome . Clean clean clean. Nice place

Brianna D

Very friendly and helpful staff!

Christina Esterly

Love how this place caters to small businesses at every level. From virtual mail packages to meeting space when I need it, there’s something for everyone’s business level.

Alyssa Delmolino

Everyone was great!

Geniva Garcia

Love it

Brandy Barber

It’s helped me immensely..?