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"Instant Executive” - Full-Service Executive Office Rentals

Why an office at Office Alternatives?

Our offices are “full-service” which means they come with all the amenities of the basic and virtual OA packages. For most people, the first step in considering a leased office space is evaluating the cost. With that, there are numerous expenses that you need to add on top of your rent in order to get a realistic estimate of what you'll be spending each month. With an all-inclusive, private office at Office Alternatives, these costly necessities are included in your office space rental.:

What type of customers love our rentals?


Attorneys, CPAs, Financial advisors, insurance agents, government contractors, therapists, web designers, graphic artists, bookkeepers and more!


Pricing varies by location. (Book a tour button here) and Call now for more information 

A One-time only $295 move in / move out fee per office.

Office Rental FAQs

Do the office rentals include administrative services? Yes for a small fee, you may outsource your business’ administrative needs

Is there a contract or lease? No, we are month to month with a 30 day move out notice required

Our the offices furnished or unfurnished? Mostly unfurnished yet we do have a few offices open up on occasion with furniture for an extra fee

Is there a discount if I sign a lease? That decision is up the site managers. Please contact our offices.

Can I access my office on the weekends or at night? Yes, as a member of Office Alternatives and an office renter, you will have a building security card to access your office day and night.

Can I use the building office address to receive mail? Yes absolutely! That’s a perk.

4801 Lang Ave NE Suite 110
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