One of the great things about Office Alternatives is that the entire staff is very amicable – you can always count on the staff to greet you and your visiting clients with a smile.

Corazon Events

Office Alternatives provides excellent customer service and were very responsive to not only our needs, but our customers as well.


Office Alternatives has tapped into the growing demand by professionals and corporate road warriors for part-time office space with ALL the perks but none of the overhead.

Direct Connect

One of my favorite things is the convenient location of the Office Alternatives facility. ...its convenient access keeps my clients coming back year after year.

Montgomery Dillavou, CPA

Office Alternatives allows for flexibility and lower overhead costs, which are important to our company’s success. The money we save helps us pass on savings to our clients.

Osceola Energy

When a potential web development client suggests we meet at a coffee shop, it really gets their attention when I suggest we meet at my office... and ask if they prefer east or west of the Rio Grande.

Lightwork Digital Influence

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