No more missed sales or opportunities

89% of Customers will not leave a message or call back if their calls are not answered live!

Receive calls on your terms!

But you’re not tethered to your desk phone anymore! Our service promotes you being able to work from ANYWHERE! You receive calls where you’d like all seamless to the customers’ eyes.

Take calls you want when you want to

Office Alternatives Virtual Telephone Reception service is one of the tools allowing business owners to run their business effectively. Our service discreetly allows for you to screen calls without appearing to screen calls. No more sending clients to voicemail and possibly offending them. Now a polite receptionists states you’re in a meeting and will call them back in the morning.

Our Virtual service assures that all customers will connect immediately with a live person. You receive calls when you want to, return calls when you’re ready, and stay up to date with messages and transcribed voicemails through your email or text messages

Here’s what OA’s Virtual Telephone Reception plan can do for you:

  • Allows you to decide when you want your phone answered for you– customized handling
  • Delight your Customers - Your customers connect immediately with a live person Monday-Friday, 8-5pm
  • Customizable preferences for forwarding messages
  • Answering customer questions for you in an accurate and timely manner
  • Google calendar scheduling option – Have our professional staff handle your schedule as you see fit
  • Dedicated phone number/800 number – optional
  • Company voicemail box with Voicemail to email or text functionality

Types of clients benefiting from virtual telephone reception services:

Labor & Service industry– plumbing, carpet cleaning, HVAC, electricians, roofing, paving, painting, mobile mechanics, mobile auto detailers, and more.

Professional– attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, staffing agencies, business consultants, and more.

Solopreneurs/Independents– photographers, web developers, marketing, communications, therapists, coaches, musicians, and more!

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